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RANJHNA | Shahzad -e- Ali | NESCAFE Basement Season 5

Nescafe Basement Season 5

Ranjhna an original by Shahzad Ali tells a tale of love that will touch your heart Rooted in folk the melody will engulf you in its honest and true emotion to never let goMusic produced by XulfiPerformed and recorded LiveAn original by Shahzad AliLyrics by Shahzad Ali Shahzad Ali Vocals Bilawal Lahooti Drums Sherry Khttak Electric Guitar Haroon Leo Acoustic Guitar Rafay Siddiqui Synth Keys backing vocals Misbah Uddin Electric Guitar Dawood Flute Adil Azhar Bhatty Electric Guitar backing vocals Ravi Anthony Dholak Shakers Waleed Attique Bass Guitar