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HAIDERIUM | Zain Ali & Zohaib Ali | NESCAFE Basement Season 5

Nescafe Basement Season 5

We present to you Zain & Zohaib, a young Qawwali group with their original “Haiderium”, a Qawalli for the ages. Hear the magic as it pulls you into its mysticism and takes you on a spiritual journey.

Performed and recorded Live
An original by Zain Zohaib
Written and composed by Zohaib Ali
Zain Ali & Zohaib Ali: Lead vocals
Ruzam Ali: Humnava
Ehsan Ali: Humnava
Sharafat Ali: Humnava
Muhabat Ali: Humnava
Waheed Ali: Humnava
Sherry Khttak: Electric Guitar
Ken Zeerick: Drums
Asad Ali: Harmonium
Waleed Attique: Bass Guitar
Adil Azhar Bhatty: Synth
Haroon Leo: Acoustic Guitar
Sharoon Leo: Violin