DastaareAnaa Episode 11 TV One Drama 23rd June 2017

TV One

Dastaar e Anaa

DastaareAnaa Episode 11 TV One Drama 23rd June 2017. Watch Dastaar e Anaa all episodes at A helpless, beautiful girl Mahnoor is trapped in a golden cage by her ruthless and wealthy grandmother Zaibunnisa. When the young and handsome Adeel falls in love with Mahnoor and tries to rescue her, he is thwarted every time by Ziabunnisa’s vengeful reaction. Meanwhile Zaibunnisa’s evil nephew Waleed is also conspiring to eliminate Adeel because he wants to sieze Zaibunnisa’s estate and wealth. Then suddenly Mahnoor’s long lost mother Riffat arrives on the scene. And she, too, wants revenge for the past. Will Mahnoor and Adeel escape from this snakepit? Or will Zaibunnisa kill them first?

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