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URDU 1 brings one of the best Pakistani & Turkish Dramas in Urdu Language.

Urdu 1 Live Tv is an Urdu language Pakistani television network owned by Alliance Media FLLC, which is based in Dubai. Urdu 1 Live Tv Channel is famous for showing Turkish content. It rose to fame by airing the blockbuster Turkish soap, Ishq Mamnoon. It made Pakistanis fall in love with Turkish culture, their unique beauty, and their brilliantly written storylines. It almost transcended us right from our homes to another world. Seeing the immense popularity among the audiences, Urdu 1 started broadcasting more Turkish dramas. However, it also shows some great Pakistani produced content with compelling stories. Altogether it’s a perfect blend of two different cultures, giving the audience a variety of entertainment.

Following are the aired shows on Urdu 1 Channel:

Main Ayesha Gul

A romantic comedy series which will get you hooked immediately.  A journey of a young, innocent girl who aspires to be a writer, goes through a roller coaster of emotions. Life challenges her in unexpected ways. Struggling to achieve her dream she falls in love with a famous actor who initially does not reciprocate her feelings.  With a complicated love triangle, jealousy and  versatile characters, this series will surely lighten up your mood and feed your  drama cravings

Kosem Sultan

A  sequel to the 2011 aired period drama Muhtesem Yuzyl. The story is a true tale of the life of a Mahpeyker Kosem Sultan, a slave girl who became the most powerful woman in Ottoman Empire after she was captured and sent to the harem of Sultan Ahmed. A magnificent portrayal of epic tales takes us back to the era of kings and queens back in time.

Tum Kon Piya

A simple yet beautiful love story about a middle-class girl named Elma who falls in love with a rich young man, Ramish. They wish to get married but Ramish’s family do not approve of Elma and want their son to marry another girl instead. Heartbroken Elma is then forced to marry Zaryab, against her wishes who is involved with another girl. Ramish still in love with Elma tries to look over and protect her. Elma fails to find love anywhere and struggles to live her life in circumstances where she is unwanted. Will she be ever able to find love?

Mujhe Jeene do

A story of how love can change any man and can soften a heart of a criminal like Thakur Jernail. His redemption journey of falling for Chameli and eloping with her. Their love story, however, does not last long as Thakur’s past comes back to haunt him and he gets arrested. He has no choice but to leave Chameli and his newborn son alone. Will this family ever rejoin?


Ek Haseena Ek Deewana

Youthful, innocent Natasha begins a chain of events for herself when she builds up a dilemma. She embarks on a journey for her destination wedding with her fiancé Sunny only to go there and fall in love with another man, Devadhar, a farm keeper. But who really Devdhar is? A poetic soul who actually loves her? Or a conman hired to ruin her bliss and disrupt her life? Or is he just her imagination? Natasha is torn between her fiancé and the person she dares to love realizes love is perhaps a deception.


Bachay Baraye Farokht

A mother’s worst nightmare comes true when she has to sell her kids away. Dr. Ali Kazmi took inspiration from a true heart trenching story when he saw an old man sitting on the road actually trying to sell his children. This story grabbed his attention and made him want to share this tragic tale with the world.

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