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TV One

TV One Live airs full time entertainment Pakistani drama episodes, soaps and lifestyle programs with exclusive Indian content in prime slots.

TV One Live is a Pakistani entertainment channel that airs dramas, soaps and lifestyle programs. With many beautiful, strong stories TV One Live Stream has been entertaining us at home. Currently showing several hit dramas, like Khuwabzadi, TV One has gained a lot of popularity among masses.

Following are the aired shows:

Apka Sahir

A morning show with fresh content every day, entertaining our audiences.


Kasak Rehgi

Losing their parents, Rabiya and Fasih are adopted by their aunt. They are mistreated by their cousin Danyal who later is made to marry Rabiya. The situation worsens when Fasih’s newlywed wife wins Danyal’s heart.


Man Pyasa

A dramatization of the current social problems and political corruption. The writer has written diverse characters who are dealing with their problems. A relatable storyline with interesting plot twists and turns, depicting real-life conflicts.



A love story about a girl with big dreams facing several obstacles to fulfilling them.


Maryam Pereira

A story of a Christian girl, Maryam who teaches in a school. Maryam is a dignified woman who values her intellect and continues to work vigilantly. A male teacher falls in love with her whereas a lecherous fruit merchant, who is also in love with Maryam, conspires against them. A battle of love and evil begins.



Noor Jahan and Mumtaz are fighting to acquire their family’s gem, a status symbol naulakha. Greed has taken over the family and blinded them towards relationships. Amidst all this, a love triangle among the children has emerged and suffered.


Ro Raha Hai Dil

A young girl, Zoya hates his father as she blames him for her mother’s death. Her anger makes her reject the love she gets from her fiancé and she falls in love with another man. However, it seems like the new man does not come with good intentions for Zoya. Will she ever find out?

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