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Sindh TV News

Sindh TV News or Sindh Television News is a Sindhi television channel. Its a news channel which telecast news, news reports and current affair programs.

Watch Sindh TV News live - Sindh TV News channel deals with the telecast of news reports and current affair shows. Sindh Television News aka Sindh TV News was launched by Dolphin Media House. It broadcasts several shows which include:

Following are the aired shows:

  • Naee Tahi

  • News Hour

  • Reports Time

  • Hawa Jayi

  • Quetta Time

  • Mulaqat

  • Lifeline

  • Hyderabad Time

  • Sufi Lakufi

  • Behind the News

  • Kalla Khetar

  • Sports Box

  • Karachi Diary

  • Hot Issues

  • Rajdhani Time

  • Kheti Sarseti

  • Sukkur Time

  • Tareekh Ja Tah

  • Class Room

  • Mirpur Khas Time

  • Gaalh Miraee Gurr