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Samaa TV Live is a Pakistani news and entertainment television network in Urdu language featuring news about sports, politics, current affairs and international information from Pakistan and all over the world.

Samaa News Urdu - Samaa TV Live Streaming is delivering fastest and updated local Pakistani and international news in urdu, political analysis, sports news, entertainment news. Pakistan’s most happening affairs, controversies and newsy material all on one channel.

Following are the aired shows on:

Subh Saverey Samaa kay Saath


The super-spirited Sanam Baloch hosts the morning show to brighten up the viewer’s day. She conducts several competitions, makeup tutorials, live cooking, and health and fitness tips on Live Tv. Other than this, she addresses social problems as well. Tune in every morning for a fun-filled show to wake up and start your day. Watch out this interesting morning show on Samaa Live Transmission.

Agenda 360

Our legal experts, Haider Waheed and Moiz Jaferii analyze the situations and the current affairs happening around Pakistan only on Samaa News Live. They discuss and argue from their own perspective on the major developments of the day.


Crime Scene

Crime Scenen is a program where Beena Khan unveils the crimes that take place around you, in your very own neighborhoods. She interviews the people involved behind the crimes and everyone related to the victim. She digs out what compels them to commit crimes. She highlights the wrongdoing of our society and who is to blame. She unwinds the crime by investigating with police and other authorities. The program airs Monday to Friday from 5:30pm to 6pm only on Samaa News Live.


7 se 8

Kiran Naz highlights current affairs of the day , be it political or a social story. She updates you with daily headlines.


Awam Ki Awaz

Watch Awam ki Awaz with your host Farah Yousuf sheds some light over social issues and makes the public aware.


Qutb Online

Host Bilal Qutb talks about your questions and concerns regarding religion. This show brings incredible religious scholars from all schools of thought and discusses their opinions. An analysis of matters of faith. You can call in to ask a question and interact with them as well.


Emergency Ward

Emergency Ward is a show that explores the different aspects of the medical and professional health care system in Pakistan. Through re-enactments, the team highlights cases in order to educate the public on how to handle medical emergencies and what to expect from doctors.

Sports action

Watch latest analysis on Pakistan vs Sri Lanka matches and players in this action-packed sports show. You can also watch the live matches on Ten Sports Live. Reporter Shoaib Jatt brings you all the other big news as well.


Meri Kahani Meri Zubani

Samaa TV Pakistan Presents Mari Kahani Meri Zubani. A Show without revealing their identity, people come forward and share their most heart-wrenching stories so that others can learn and be aware.

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