Wafa Ka Mausam

TV One 1,782


DIRECTOR Babar Qayyum

WRITER Riffat Sirajj

Starring Neelum Munir,Aijaz Aslam,Haya Sehgal,Shafqat Cheema,Noman Habib

DESCRIPTION Watch Wafa Ka Mausam all episodes at Mjunoon.tv. Hammad loves his daughter Komal but is enraged when she falls in love with Dara. Dara loves Komal but feels insulted by Hammad and takes a decision. Now Komal is at a crossroads. If the two people she loves, hate each other, where does she go? And if this is a game of egos, where did the love go? Only young Bazil who adores Komal has the answer.