TV One 1,586


DIRECTOR Kamran Akbar Khan

WRITER Jahanzaeb Qamar

Starring Ushna Shah, Farhan Malhi, Tara Mehmood, Hashim Butt, Areesha, Osama Khan

DESCRIPTION Watch Teleflim all episodes at his romantic story provides perfect entertainment for Eid. Lashana arrives in Pakistan to meet Noman so they can marry. But she actually loves Naeem and is trying to reach him. Noman and Lashana become friends and when Noman sees the letter N on her mehndi tinted hand, he is convinced she is in love with him. Will Naeem turn up and declare his love? Will Lashana return to Canada or will she marry Noman?

Sr. No. Title
1 Episode 3, Teleflim
2 Siraj Begum Or Madam 14th August Special Telefilm TV One
3 Eid Loadshedding Mubarak Eid Special TeleFilm Day 2 TV One
4 Gori Ki Dukaan Eid Special TeleFilm Eid Day 1 TV One 16 June 2018
5 Loadshedding Eid Special TeleFilm Promo TV One
6 Kahani Pyar Ki Bharam TV One Telefilm
7 Rahay Salamat Jodi TV One Telefilm
8 Aik Pagal Si Larki TV One Telefilm 7 April 2018
9 Aatish Telefilm TV One Drama 23 March 2018
10 Pyar Nahi Hota Bar Bar TV One Telefilm 18 March 2018
11 Teletheatre Beqarar Full HD TV One
12 Tu Jo Nahin Telefilm Full HD TV One
13 Sauda Telefilm Full HD TV One
14 Meri Awaz Telefilm Full HD TV One
15 Teletheater Mai Cheemi ka faisla TV One Drama 9th February 2018
16 Yeh To Hona Hi Tha TV One TeleFilm 28th August 2014
17 Lyari Ke Teer TV One TeleFilm 12th January 2010
18 Rahay Salamat Jodi TV One TeleFilm 7 July 2016
19 Saray Zameen Par TV One TeleFilm 6th July 2016
20 Saza TV One TeleFilm 4th May 2015
21 Meri bari kb ayegi TV One TeleFilm 28th August 2016
22 Dil ki lagi TV One TeleFilm 5th November 2016
23 Badtameez Ishq TV One TeleFilm 15th September 2016
24 Asteen Ka sanp TV One TeleFilm 8th February 2015
25 Dil Jo Na Keh Saka TV One TeleFilm 10 November 2013
26 Kallu Kababi TV One TeleFilm 6th August 2017
27 Daawa TV One TeleFilm 8th July 2013
28 janam janam ka saath TV One TeleFilm 1st February 2014
29 khamoshi TV One TeleFilm 11th May 2015
30 Diya Jalaye Rakhna TV One TeleFilm 2nd May 2013
31 Ishq Na Tamam TV One TeleFilm 4th February 2013
32 Mera Hero TV One TeleFilm 28th April 2016
33 Aik Ajeeb Rishta TV One TeleFilm 4th August 2017
34 Deemak TV One TeleFilm 4 March 2015
35 Eid Ho to Aesi Part 1 TV One TeleFilm 2 September 2017
36 Bonga BA Part 2 TV One TeleFilm 5th April 2015
37 Dam e Mohabbat TV One Telefilms 1st March 2016
38 Gudgudee Eid Special TeleFilm TV One 3 September 2017
39 Super Saas Eid Special TeleFilm TV One 2 September 2017
40 Merey Sanwariya Ka Naam Eid Special Day 1 TeleFilm TV One 2 September 2017