TV One 1,172


DIRECTOR Mohsing Talat

WRITER Riffat Siraj

Starring Namrah,Ali Agha,Javed Shaikh

DESCRIPTION Watch Noori all episodes at Is Noori running for a medal?Filmed on the beautiful locations of nathia gali and murree, this drama serial noori is the tale of a poor yet courageous girl who wants to win the National Championship,World Title and then Olympic Medal as a sprinter(racer).These are the titles that her father was unable to win after having encountered an accident.Noori is working hard to give meaning to her father’s dreams when two men she meets cause havoc in her life.Tariq,a handsome and well-off man, her coach and trainer, likes her a lot but lets no opportunity pass by in offending and annoying her.Herond suitor is the headstrong and arrogant son of a feudal lord who falls in love with her at first sight. He can go to any extent for having her in his life.The life’s ordeals are already having their toll on Noori when a sudden turn of incidents changes everything for her.This sudden twist of events is the essence of the play.