Chanar Ghati

TV One 1,146


DIRECTOR Ghazanfar Ali

WRITER Mohammad Ahmed & Umar Khitab

Starring Aly Khan, Ali Noor, Shamayel, Samiya Mumtaz, Anoushey, Dino, Tipu

DESCRIPTION Watch Chanar Ghati all episodes at This is a haunting story of intense love, betrayal and vicious revenge. A story that travels back and forth in time to unravel mysterious events and eerie phenomena. Sajid and Maira are colleagues in an advertising agency and start developing a romance. Then suddenly Sajid disappears while on a recce for a location in an area called Chanar Ghati. While his family and friends begin a frantic search, Sajid has some strange experiences in the eerie environs of Chanar Ghati. Two beautiful women clad in silks and brocade appear from nowhere and play utterly charming hosts providing him all he needs. But Sajid senses that there is something sinister going on and there is an evil force around him. Meanwhile Ali Rao who also wants to marry Maira, offers to recover Sajid. The question is whether Sajid will escape in time –or will Ali Rao allow his rival to be eliminated by the evil force.