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Please contact info@mjunoon.tv for any queries relating to mjunoon or user account.
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General enquiries

One of Pakistan’s few streaming platforms offering crystal clear HD media streaming of some of the most popular local channels. mjunoon is a brand new Mobile TV app to watch for Live TV channels including News, Drama, Cartoons, Movies or Music, Regional or Religious via Live streaming from your favorite Pakistani TV channels. We are working hard on improving every aspect of our service and have a lot of exciting stuff up our sleeves. We hope you enjoy mjunoon.
Just Log on to mjunoon.tv or Download the App from ITunes or Play Store for absolutely FREE. You can further click on the channels or videos you want to watch and enjoy unlimited entertainment.
Yes, mjunoon is available on Android (4.0 and above), iOS, Mac and Windows.
Unfortunately our system cannot run on Internet Explorer versions lower than 9. Please update your browser or choose an alternative one.
mjunoon works on all Internet connections above 100kbit/s. The platform’s adaptive streaming capabilities allow for uninterrupted streaming on even slow Internet speeds (This means that the quality of the video will vary depending on your internet connection). For an optimum viewing experience, we recommend a 3G/4G mobile access or a fixed line.
This error occurs when the service cannot detect a stable internet connection. Please check your connection and try again.
Please check your network connection if the streams are stuttering or breaking up. You can also try to select a different quality to stream the content to reduce the connectivity speed needed.
The 7-Day Re-run function is a feature that allows the users to view any content that was broadcasted in the past 7 days on any channel available on the platform, on demand.
On Android devices (4.2.2. or higher), download the official Chromecast app, press the Menu button and then select “Cast Screen”. On a Windows PC, install the Chrome browser (if you don’t have it already) and add the Google Cast Extension in the Settings/Extensions page. This will add a Cast button in your browser, near the Settings button. For more information visit the Chromecast developer website.
Please try to use a different browser or do a "clear all browsing cache and history" on the existing one. For Windows devices, it is the combination ctrl+shift+del.

Have other questions? Message us on info@mjunoon.tv