Live Channels

AVT Khyber TV

AVT Khyber TV unlike regional channels is not local or peripheral; it is a mainstream Channel with a bouquet of programs that has something for every Pashtun speaking person. Its footprint extends to the whole region, covering the subcontinent; Pakistan,

This television station is for the Pashto speaking masses and provides entertainment for the entire family. The slogan of this channel is “The Pride of the Proud”.Having gained massive popularity among the Pakhtuns not only in Pakistan but also from Afghanistan, Middle East, Australia, and the Far East as it represents the Pashto culture to the world.  
Following are some of the programs aired here:

  • Khyber Sahar
  • Khwnduna Sailoona
  • Stasu Khwakha Road Show
  • Shama Pakhlay
  • Gulo Gulzar
  • Da Khyber Guloona
  • Da Niyya Qissay
  • Charpeer Chal
  • Yaduna
  • Drama Naseeb
  • Adbi Tolna
  • Afghan Rung
  • Ka ka’s Lounge
  • Sheeno Meeno Show
  • Chopal
  • Drama Shak
  • Drama Kaboos