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Apna TV Channel brings entertainment programs in Punjabi language including English & Chinese language programs dubbed in Punjabi.

Apna Tv Live Providing hearty entertainment for the Punjabis living in Pakistan. From entertainment programs, talk shows to dramas, this channel has everything covered for keeping the livelihood of Punjabis going. Famous shows are dubbed in Punjabi and aired to keep the vibrant language alive and people entertained. It starts with a fun-filled energetic morning show with the chocolate hero of Lollywood, Babar Ali and covers you throughout the day with ongoing entertainment keeping the Punjabi spirit high and perky. Come indulge in the endless shughal with APNA TV Channel.

Following is a complete list of the shows at Apna Live Tv:

Morning with Babar Ali

The most charismatic Lollywood actor, Babar Ali refreshes your morning with a team of enthusiastic musicians and comedians. Ongoing humor, celebrity interviews, songs, serious topics and screen presence of the host makes this show a treat for not only Punjabis but everyone out there who wants to watch  good apna tv show.


A dose of comic relief for the audiences with this famous sitcom dubbed in Punjabi. A story of 6 young adults in their 20’s s struggling to cope up with life and succeed in their careers and love life. This show will make you laugh, cry, love and just sit back and relate to everything one goes through during this age. Instant mood booster and totally addictive.


An American animated series showcasing the city of Cape Town, with characters derived from the Disney’s Juggle book. The name of the show is two words “tale” and “spin” which mean to tell a story. The show has Disney characters being Dark Wing Duck, Ducktales. Chip and Dale.

Overhaulin My Ride

An American reality show series which is all about cars. The show follows a pattern where people are pranked, made to think that their car has been towed whereas the car does get picked up by their team and is fixed, cleaned and then given back.

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