Live Channels

Abb Takk News

Abb Takk News brings live 24/7 breaking news and talk shows on Pakistani politics in Urdu language.

A news channel which delivers to you updates about daily news and current affairs. Credible news is broadcasted which is expected to provide new and unique information to capture the interest of the viewers


A program which shows different recipes and teaches the audiences new ways of cooking, enabling people to cook and eat delicious food every day.


This show reveals crimes and enforces the law, informing the audience about what’s happening around us and what is being done to prevent it.

News Café

News delivered to you but not in a boring way. This show is informative yet entertaining. With discussions on food, horoscopes, current affairs, and an enthusiastic host you will certainly enjoy.

Rupiya Paisa

It’s a world run by money. A show which informs us how people are earning, which businesses are profitable and which ones are suffering losses. Informing you all about latest business details, stock market conditions and money making tactics.