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Aaj News Live is one of Pakistan’s most authentic news channel catering latest unbiased news and views.

Aaj Tv News Live - 24-hour Pakistani news channel which keeps you updated with everyday news and happenings. It is a privately owned, Urdu language TV station airing local and international news.  Its slogan reads, “Khabar aj ki, bharosa apka”, which tells us that this channel is committed to serving the people with only authentic news.  The reporters at Ajj News are always on the go and catch every necessary story in order to provide you with accurate and up to date news coverage

Watch Aaj Live TV Streaming for aaj news live, latest talk show, Sports News with analysis and so much more.

Following is a list of the shows which are aired:

Faisala Aap Ka

 Hosted by the brilliant journalist Asma Shirazi, this is a political talk show, talking about everything about politics and related topics affecting people and countries. Politically aware guests are also invited and their opinions are shed light upon and credible facts are shared with the society.

Spot Light With Munizae Jehangir

Aaj Tv Channel present Spot Light With Munizae Jehangir a talk show  focus on Pakistani current affairs.  

Sawaal Hai Pakistan Ka

Aaj Tv Live present a show based on political and social issues faced by a common man. Reveals the truth behind politicians and the tactics behind government propaganda.

Paisa Bolta Hai

Ajj Tv Discussing the economic situation of our country. Problems related to politics, social challenges faced by our people and matters related to money, this show will keep you informed with the relevant information.

Aaj Pakistan

Aaj News is working towards bringing you precise and credible news packages from across Pakistan.

Aaj markets

A show which will keep you informed about the highs and lows of Pakistan's stock market only on aaj news live tv.

Tax Aur Aap

Aaj News has a show which is Pakistan's first TV program exclusively designed to talk about tax issues.

Aaj Rana Mubashir kay sath 

Aaj Rana Mubashir kay Sath is a show demonstrating current issues and investigates the political, national and social issues. With unbiased scrutiny by the host and enlightening information and opinions by guests, this show shakes up your present point of view about the current political situation and think.


An investigative program that aims to uncover regular crimes that torment our general public. The host of the show along with the Police raids various situations.

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