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A Plus Live - A Plus TV has quickly become Pakistan’s top entertainment channels because of it’s amazing array of Dramas and shows.

Over the years, A Plus Tv has gained and retained its position among the top ranking entertainment television channels in Pakistan. It airs a diversity of programs ranging from drama serials, sitcoms, soaps, music shows, morning shows, health shows, and magazine shows. “A Plus Dramas” remains the most important asset of this channel, APlus Live features social issues, relationship dynamics, family clashes and a spur of life conflicts in great storylines. “Deedan” being one of their current hits, it offers a nonstop dose of great content and entertainment.

Following are the shows aired on A Plus Entertainment:

Ishq Mein Kafir

A Plus Channel presents a story of superstitions and magic. Ujala loves Fahad and can go to any extent to get him. She takes help from black magic and finally gets Fahad to marry her who was in love with Dua. However, even after the marriage Fahad continues to love Dua. Soon Fahad finds out Ujala’s intentions.


Dukh Kum Na Hongey

A story of a brave girl who regardless of her broken family continues to be strong. Being abandoned by her mother at a young age, facing jealousy and mistreatment constantly by her step relatives. Saira struggles with her love life and is dealing with conspiracies every day. Her only hope to acquire the love of her life seems impossible because of her step mother and sisters. Will she ever get justice? Watch A Plus Tv Live Streaming and findout.


A unique story of two girls struggling against patriarchy to gain their identities and stand up for themselves.

Hoor Pari

A widow and her young daughters are all alone. The ugly reality of our society for a widow is shown and how her past continues to affect her family.

Man Kay Dhagey

A girl afraid of no one woos a lawyer unintentionally at a party by making him feel guilty for a case. He wants to marry her but is forced by his mother to marry his sister in law. Saira bears the burden of her family and works for them. Hoping to find a companion to lean on, she wishes life could have been easy.

Kambhakat Tano

Drama about a typical young girl named Tanzila who appears to have a lot of misfortunes in her life. She lives with her uncle, Her problems increase when a young fellow named Atir falls for her but sends a proposal for her cousin Naureen due to unexpected circumstances. Envy and quarrel between the two girls rise making Tanzila’s life difficult. Tanzila who never gets anything done her way hopes at least for love to find her.


Aashi, a pretty rich girl is forced to marry her cousin, a below average but kind-hearted boy. Soon she falls prey to Arshad’s lust. Her friend Farah, who had always been jealous of her looks and wealth never wishes her to be happy and tries to make her life miserable.


Aik Nayee Subah With Farah

Morning with Farah is a morning show which is hosted by Farah Hussaini. Zagham ul Islam is the director and executive producer of the show.



Taqdeer is a story which revolves around a love-hate relationship between 4 main characters. The two sisters, Rania and Riya are totally opposite in nature. Rania used to love Shazil but got married to Salman. The story takes a turn when Shazil comes to her in-laws as a legal consultant.

Gohar e nayab

It’s a story of a young beautiful girl who is an orphan and lives with her maternal family where she gets treated like a servant but she never loses hope. She keeps living her life with the same spirit and wins hearts with her innocence.

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